Saturday, June 7, 2008

Packing For Your Trip

Have your kids carry something. They like to feel important and it makes them happy to be part of the family, it is also a plus for you as it spreads out the challenge of getting everything carried to the car or motel. Even a toddler can carry a clear back pack with their important things in it.
Don’t pack one suitcase or pack per person, because if you lose one the person who lost their suitcase has no clothes while everyone else is does. Divide things up to spread the weight around and also to minimize the hassle and inconvenience if one suitcase is lost.

When looking to buy suitcases here are some things to remember: Buy for quality and sturdiness rather than for looks. You can always paint a picture on the side or maybe tie ribbons to set your suitcase apart. Traveling can really beat up luggage so quality and sturdiness is important.

The most important things with luggage are: catches that will hold, hinges that can strain and not break, lighter soft sided if you are mostly packing clothes, heavier hard shell if you have lots of things that can break, like toiletries, MP3 players, cameras ETC.

One huge bag seems like a good idea, but after a couple vacations multiple smaller bags make a much happier time. You will find also when you travel to other countries doorways are narrower than in the U.S.

For carryon bags clear bags or back packs are great time savers through baggage checks. You can find a great selection of clear bags, totes, purses and backpacks at

The most important thing of traveling is to have a great time with those you love and be SAFE!

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