Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What does Christmas mean to you?

I received this from a friend and thougth it was well worth reading.

I sat in utter disbelief as I watched this year’s news coverage of “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving devoted to promotions and sales. All across our nation there were reports of old ladies getting into fist fights, store employees being trampled to death, and other violence and mischief that makes you wonder if anyone knows what this season is about anymore. I’ve been considering a name change for this holiday we celebrate in late December: SELFmas.

Yes, we should all wish one another a very “Merry Selfmas!” After all, isn’t self what this season is about? It isn’t? May I give you a challenge? It is a challenge that I, too, must complete. Take a moment and look around you. Look around your house, and your neighborhood. Look around your school or place of work. Simply based upon what you are seeing, what would the average “Joe on the street” think was the center of your holiday? What have you done to put Christ into this season?

The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from Santa Clause. Oh, wait, my bad. It all comes from God. A very loving God. A God who desires a relationship with you so much that He gave the ultimate gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, to make a way for us to have intimacy with Him.

Let us commit this season to make Christ the focus. And all year long to make it clear to those around us—our families, neighbors, co-workers, and even perfect strangers—exactly who our lives are centered around.

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