Friday, April 15, 2011

Using a Clear Tote

Today let’s look at some reason for using a clear tote:

* Theme Park – Help make the entry into the park go much smother. While others are having to empty their bags onto the table a quick glance by the security guard and you are off to a great day of fun and entertainment.

* Beach - Hitting the beach  with a clear tote keeps everything visible. So if you need the sun screen, there it is without digging through the whole tote.  If you are carrying a larger tote, like the Zip-to-the Beach found at you have a convenient place to put those wet suits and towels at the end of the day.

* Place of employment – If you have to  routinely undergo security checkpoints to enter you place of employment why not consider a clear tote to help make the experience quicker and easier.

*Airport Travel -  As you plan what you will carry on the plane with you, plan to place it all in a clear together carry on so you can go through the inspection easily and conveniently.

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