Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Passengers Rights

Passenger Rights
Aircraft accidents kill and injure passengers and pilot each year. If you are curious about your flight, you may ask a pilot certain information. 
The FAA requires that a pilot will:
Have a seat and seat belt for you
A preflight safety briefing
Show you how to use the seat belt and operate the doors
How to exit the airplane during an emergency
Explain the location and use of survival equipment
File a flight plan
Tie down all cargo
Weight and balance of the aircraft
A passenger may ask a pilot:
Are you licensed, rated and current for this flight?
Have you checked the weight and balance of the aircraft?
Have you obtained a weather forecast?
Have you filed a flight plan?
Should I make alternative arrangements or reschedule due to bad weather?
A passenger may not ask a pilot:
To carry a payload beyond the weight and balance limitations of the aircraft
To takeoff or land at an airstrip which is less than the length required by the aircraft
To fly below 500? except for takeoff or landing
To fly into weather he or she considers unsafe or against regulation
To fly beyond allowable duty time limits
To take risks by continuing a flight for the sake of meeting one of your prior commitments
Pilots are entitled to expect passengers to:
Comply with their directions as to loading of the aircraft
Accept the nature of VFR flight and the possibility of delays or cancellation of the trip
Follow their instruction is the event of an emergency

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